Monday, 23 October 2017

Citizens of Mancunius Dome, Part 1

This is a small project that I have been meaning to get round to all year: 40K Civilians. The Inq28 style mini campaigns we have been playing, set in an area of the Necromunda underhive we call Mancunius Dome, have been sorely missing innocent bystanders and non-combatant NPCs. So I've been looking through my old copy of the Necromunda Sourcebook for appropriately underhive styled non-combatant roles, as I want each NPC to be recognisable as having a job or role of some kind, not just a faceless nobody. Most of them were inspired by entries in  the Territory Table!

The Genestealer Neophyte Hybrids kit is currently one of my favourites available: it contains a huge number of low-tech weapons like autoguns and shotguns, and their clothing is perfect as ubiquitous Imperial work gear. So that was a no-brainer for the torsos and legs of the first few (at least). Picking heads from my bits box was easy and they add a lot of individual character, but finding the right arms was the tricky bit as most GW kits are holding weapons of some kind. A bit of clipping removed some of them but the Empire Archers kit provided as few nice right arms with empty hands.

So here are the first half-dozen underhive inhabitants in a WIP state. I hope to have them all painted over the next few days (but some mold-lines have to be scraped first!)

A slime farmer

A factory worker

A water seller

The water seller's unhappy customer

He is appalled by the water seller's prices!

A miner

The pay-mistress (I'm really please how well a male Neophyte legs and torso looks can become a female civilian with the addition of a female Dark Eldar head and Empire Archer's arms.)

 The pay-mistress, dishing out the day's coin to a miner.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 4

Bossnob Woz gets some Boyz to push around!

Their names are all from a "Post Apocalyptic Warrior" name generator. They are intentionally not very "orky" as these Boyz are Freebooterz - they have been kicked out of their old klans for their weird ways. Update 18th October 2017 - the rest of the mob is done.

Mangul and Finder:

Frenzy and Mudge:

Turbo and Hatchet:

There are three more Boyz (including one with a Big Shoota) on my painting table who will be joining them soon.

Update: The rest of the Boyz mob and a squig are finished.

Retch and Mudgutz

Lockjaw and Digger the attack squig.

The warband so far:

Weirdboy Warphead next!

Friday, 6 October 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 3

Psychic Maelstrom!

We have decided to allow psykers in the campaign, even though some of their abilities are crazy-powerful in such a small scale game (we are looking at around Power Level 15 to 20 for most games). To make sure they don't unbalance things we are going to use the rules for Battlezone: Psychic Maelstrom in all games (but we are ignoring the "Psychic Amplification" part). Everyone has been told that if they bring a psyker they have to bring a Spawn model too, just in case....

I have suggested that we don't need a detailed star map of the sectors we are exploring / fighting over. We can make up planets on the fly using a name generator. I'm looking for another to generate a brief backstory for each world (specifically the planets former use, rather than geography or environment. That will be based on our scenery collections) and we will come up with reasons for fighting there based on what the world is like. Most worlds will be affected by the Rift so we can assume a lot of abandoned ruins will be found... But what used to be here?

The action also won't to be limited to planets: drifting space hulks, orbital stations, moons, asteroids belts...

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 2

The Dust Hogz
  • Warboss Throttle (Power 4)
  • 5 Nobz - Mugwak, Smarg, Draktor, Arg and Boss Nob Nognox (Power 11)
  • 10 Ork Boyz, including Boss Nob Woz (Power 5)
  • Warphead - Zuggedd (Power 4)
This list is Power Level 24 in total, though I am unlikely to use all of them in every game.
We are not using a Power Level limit for games in the campaign but the player with the lower Power Level will get advantages - an "underdog bonus" (probably Open Play Ruse cards). The Warphead and the ork Boyz are not finished yet.


Exploring and charting the edges of the Malfactus Rift.  This small group of characterful and individual Freebooters: pirates, adventurers and scavengers, explore the outer fringe of the Dark Imperium. Poking around in Space Hulks and on backwater planets, finding ancient alien gubbinz and getting into scrapes.

Warboss Throttle

Throttle used to be part of the infamous Blood Axe warband known as Da Fifty Fiff Bad Redz Brigade, but he was outcast because he was far too interested in loot, and not interested enough in the militaristic formalities the Bad Redz delighted in. He became a Freebooter and set off with a very small group of Boyz loyal to him. Since hitching a ride on a Space Hulk that dropped out of warp space in the Ghoul Stars he has gathered a few more followers to his crew.

He is often exasperated and constantly frustrated by the failures of his warband. He just wants a "job" to go to plan; just once!

Bossnob Nognox is a loyal first mate and a tough, deadly fighter. He has been at Throttles side since the "old days" in the Fifty Fiff.

Mugwak is a miserable git. He mourns the loss of his lost mob-mates, and keeps a Slugga from each dead Nob as a memento, believing that he will gain some of his dead mates' strength by carrying them.

Smarg is a sarcastic bastard with a bionik eye. He never says what he means and what he says is always mean.

Draktor is the warband's heavy weapon specialist. And he is a bit thick. But since his brings the big guns and seems to know not to shoot anyone on his side the others put up with him.

Smarg is the warband's psychopath. He is always first in the charge and never carries a slugga, preferring to get "messy" with his Big Choppa.

Hoop and Twitch are the warband's fetchers and carriers, dogsbodies and slaves. The run errands, carry messages, fetch ammo and try not to get trodden on. The class a day when they don't nearly die as a good day. They have only been with the warband for a few weeks, they don't know but they are the latest of a long line of Grots that usually have very short lives in the Dust Hogz and they are already well past their expected "expiry date".

There are more to come (the 9 Ork Boyz led by Woz, for example!), but this is the warband as it currently stands:

Monday, 25 September 2017

The Harrowmark Run - part 6

Triumph and Treachery: Artefact of Ultimate Power 
The most important part of the cargo was not on the shipwreck, rather it was flung not far away during the crash. Bruised and battered, the warbands rush to grab the fabled artefact.
(The winner's General can generate an additional Artefact/Spell)

The Ogresuns
Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss, Gem of Seeing
Dredger Zug - Orruk Boss
Dubloon Dreg - Orruk
Fetch - Orruk
Blackspot - Orruk
Nastyface - Orruk
Bad Hook - Orruk
Fishgutz - Orruk
Capsize Naz - Orruk
Walker Plank - Grot
Stormy Trug - Grot
Dirty Morrgun - Grot
Mr Whalebelly - Ogor


The cold light of an autumn dawn broke over the tangled forests that stretched on for ten thousand leagues in every direction. Wortbad stood under the path of the last voyage of the pirate skyship Rotmoon, and it was here that most of her cargo had been dumped as the ship careened out of control overhead, before it was wrecked a few miles away, somewhere beyond the next hill.

Kaptain salty Ogbad chose to take the risk of harnessing the power of the Dreadfire Portal and ordered the rest of his crew to head for the chest that had been pushed off the deck of the crashing skyship.

From the top of the stair he surveyed the edge of the village.

Ogbad saw the Ordeshal Host's cavalry appear through the gates of the Rose & Scythe Inn.

And he cursed as the Whyte Lady materialised right next to the chest. She opened it and revealed The Helm of Authority! The Orruk Kaptain roared with frustration and raced back down the stone steps, he chased after his crew.

The Orruk Pirates continued towards the chest, but they were not undaunted: Several of the Ogresuns grumbled about old battle wounds playing up and urgent appointments elsewhere.

Dredger Zug was having none of it though and the pirates pressed on under his baleful gaze and hard words. The Kaptain was not far behind them too, which reinforced Zug's orders.

The Gilded Hand cavalry took on the ghost riders while the Whyte Lady and Kalyustar angaged in a magical duel! Arcane lightning flashed between the two wizards.

While the Gilded Hand cavalry were dealt-with by the Host the Whyte Lady turned her attention back to the Orruks.

Her Mask of Horror stopped three of the Ogresuns in their tracks; frozen in terror! The Vampire cut down two pirates then used the life force of the fallen orruks to heal the wounds Kalyustar had inflicted.

Noisey William arrived but he was entirely distracted by his disappointment that the inn was closed.

The Whyte Lady's power of Death Incarnate felled three orruks simultaneously.

Only Blackspot held kept his feet long enough for the Kaptain to get close.

Ogbad charged at the Vampress, kutlass flashing in the autumnal light.

The Orruk Kaptain's merciless assault saw off the undead queen,  his Ogor crewman only deigned to join him once the vampire was banished. The two of them gloated over the Helm of Authority and the riches it would bring them!


Major Victory to the Ogresuns! (+6 Renown)
Triumph: Heroic Saga (+1 Renown)

Added 3 Orruks (Scupper Lug, Poxy Uzbad, Floggin Morr) and a Grot (Dread Pirate RogUrtz) to the warband for 7 Renown.