Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Harrowmark Run - part 2

Lost in the Dark Woods! (Breakthrough battleplan from Age of Sigmar)

The Ogresuns
Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss
Dredger Zug - Orruk Boss
Dubloon Dreg - Orruk
Fetch - Orruk
Blackspot - Orruk
Nastyface - Orruk
Stormy Trug - Grot

The Ordeshal Host
The Whyte Lady - Vampire Lord
Lyrd Radclyffe's Riders - 2 Hex Wraiths
Noisy William - Deadwalker Noisemaker


The forest was dark and foreboding, there was malice in its sullen ambiance. Dredger Zug’s eyes flickered over the thick, dark trunks of the trees that rose steadily into the sky, branches interlocking with their neighbours overhead. The trees were densely packed together, leaving only just enough space to allow someone to move through. He pressed his palm against rough bark and breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath, almost overwhelmed by the stink of the forest. The musty smells of fallen leaves, of graveyard-soil packed down by scurrying creatures, of once-living things in different stages of decay and rot: the stench of death. The forest was choked by it. After a moment he started running again when the sound of the Ogresuns nearby, crashing through the undergrowth, told him that the others had caught up with him.

After they passed a rocky hill, the Ogresuns burst into a clearing illuminated by the roiling energies of a Baleful Realmgate. The Orruk Pirates slowed their pace as Kaptain Salty Ogbad held up a warning hand. He had spotted the spirits of the Ordeshal Host - either the Nighthaunts had somehow overtaken them... or the Orruks were even more lost that they thought!

Either way the Dead were trying to cut off their route back to the sky-cutter! Kaptain Ogbad shouted "On my Ladz, run! Make for da Charybdis Occulum!" and the Orruk Pirates started stormed forward.

The Realmgate burst into life and it's sorcerous fires engulfed the Whyte Lady for a long moment as she let out a soul-chilling scream and seemed to contort in rage. The Realmgate's power subsided and it looked like the Soulblight Vampire survived through the sheer force of her anger!

The Orruks split into two groups - Ogbad and Dubloon Dreg cut left to go round the Realmgate while the rest followed first mate Dredger Zug toward the Occulum.

Salty Ogbad and the Whyte Lady clashed and the Orruk Kaptain wounded her!

Lyrd Radclyffe swept through Nastyface and cut down the unfortunate Orruk where he stood.

The Whyte Lady cut down Ogbad in a heartbeat; her spirit-possessed blade drank deep and the Orruk dropped like a stone.

With so many of the pirate Orruks cut down in just a few moments, most significantly the Kap'n, the remaining three Ogresuns turned and fled back the way they came, into the woods. They scrambled through the trees, stumbling over roots, cold autumn ground underfoot, charcoal clouds chased them from above. The howling screams of the Nighthaunts ringing in their ears...


After game:
Loss (+3 Renown) = Bad Hook (Orruk) and Walker Plank (Grot) added to the Warband.
Warding Glyph - Salty Ogbad gets a 5+ save vs. Mortal Wounds for the next game

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Harrowmark Run - part 1

(You can read about the campaign mechanics and intro here: Part 0)

The Ogresuns
Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss
Dredger Zug - Orruk Boss
Dubloon Dreg - Orruk
Fetch - Orruk

The Ordeshal Host
The Whyte Lady - Vampire Lord
Lyrd Radclyffe - Hex Wraith
Noisy William - Deadwalker Noisemaker

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand
Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand
Fernando's Fancy Fencers
Lucius Scopos and the Venithyan Marksmen


Might is Right (a General's Handbook Triumph & Treachery battleplan)
The centre of the board was divided into seven sectors, one in the centre and six around it - the winner would be the warband that controlled the most sectors when the game ended.


Kaptain Ogbad and a few hands set out for Gloomfallow in the skycutter. They set-down in dense woodland on the edge of Blackrocks an hour before sunrise. The blackness nurtured a sense of claustrophobia inside them even though the woodland stretched unbroken for miles. The narrow path, which was made uneven by the knotted roots that crossed it, branched at intervals. The bare branches spiked into the sky - no sign of life to be found anywhere. It was so dark the orruks were barely able to see where they were going. They had no map to follow, but even if they did the perpetual dark would have prevented them from using it. There were only small sounds of rustling bushes and the howl of the wind. They didn't know what lay in the dark forest, all they knew was that it wasn't going to be a peaceful journey.

As they emerged from the twisted trees onto a rocky hilltop a tower loomed over them in the pre-dawn light. As the dim autumn sun crept over the trees they found that they were not alone: A large band of Freeguilders were already searching the open ground beyond the tower. As one of the Freeguild spotted them and shouted a warning, the malignant spirits of the forest awoke: The outriders of the Ordeshal Host arrived!

Fetch jumped at every sound as the Ogresuns made there way through the trees towards the dark tower.

The Freeguild spread out to control the ground, undaunted by the spirits and the Orruk pirates.

Lyrd Radclyffe turned his ethereal steed and galloped straight through Dubloon Dreg but the Orruk kept his head!

The ghost rider cut Fetch down without missing a step!

The Whyte Lady sent an Arcane Bolt at Fernando, the leader of the Freeguild Fancy Fencers, and laid he out, then charged Kalyustar the Alchemist.

The Freeguild bannerman took up a commanding position on the Hurricane Bell's platform.

While one of the Fancy Fencers occupied the Freebooter's Tower.

The Venithyan Marksmen went to aid Kalyustar in his fight with the Whyte Lady.

Dubloon Dreg charged Noisy William in the forest (taking his life into his hands to enter such a tangled thicket!).

But after he survived the charge it was sheer bad luck that the Deadwalker managed to land a fatal blow on the Orruk pirate!

Kaptain Ogbad chased after Lyrd Radclyffe, and the two exchanged some wickedly accurate bladework!

Dredger Zug charged up the hill to fight a lone Freeguilder but he was counter-charged by his two mates!

Lyrd Radclyffe retreated but Salty wasn't going to let him go!

The Whyte Lady blasted down one of the Fancy Fencers, unintentionally aiding Dredger!

Kaptain Ogbad caught up with the Hex Wraith...

... And dealt him a final slash with his kutlass.

The Whyte Lady killed the Freeguild bannerman with sorcery and Dredger Zug fell to Freeguild swords.


The game ended with the Ordeshal Host in control of two of the seven objectives and only one objective in the control of each of the Ogresuns and the Free Companies of the Gilded Hand.

The Sal’s Ford Connection, part 5 (The Finale!)

Skinny-men vs. Mersky Banda vs. The Cult of the Divine Illumination
3 player game: The Motherlode! (a home-brew scenario)
  • Roll a D6 for each gang member. They only take part in the battle on a result of 4+.
  • 12 loot counters on the board, placed 8" or more apart from each other)
    (Each loot counter had a 50% chance of being real, rolled when a ganger is in base contact. The counter was removed after searching and the gang gained 1VP if the loot was real)
  • Turn priority rolled on 2D6 at the start of each turn.

Three gangs (The Skinny-men, Mersky Banda and The Cult of the Divine Illumination) each sent a small scouting party to the Rad-Cliff Zone, hoping to be able to loot the rich pickings that were rumoured to be there.

The three gangs managed to search five separate locations within a matter of minutes but none of them turned up anything valuable.

Only five junior members of the Skinny-men gang were present: Heaton Park, Bowker Vale, Clayton Hall, Edge Lane and Trafford Bar.

Bowker Vale went down before he even managed to power-up his plasmagun!

A vicious exchange of fire between all three gangs ensued!

The Cult of the Divine Illumination were the first to bottle-out after Heaton Park took out a couple of them.

The Skinny-men were once again the victims of the mysterious "Scuttler" attacks in the gloom of the underhive!

After another intense fire-fight the Skinny-men had three men down and bottled-out, leaving Mersky Banda in control of the zone and in the strongest position in Mancunius Dome!


The Tech Gangers of Mersky Banda won the final game and with it, the Shadow War campaign! The truth about the Scuttlers has not be uncovered so we will be returning to Mancunius Dome for another campaign, some time soon...

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Sal’s Ford Connection, part 4

Skinny-men vs. Mersky Banda vs. The Cult of the Divine Illumination
3 player game: Grab the Cache


The Skinny-men picked up rumours that Mersky Banda and the Cult of the Divine Illumination had been fighting and escalating war. The two gangs had clashed recently and where squaring up for another round. The Skinny-men quickly moved through the underhive to Sump Crawl, on the border between Cult and Mersky Banda territory. They took up positions in the access gantries outside an abandoned manufactorum. As they set up, their scanners picked a source of emissions that normally indicated an archeotech horde. They started trying to pin down the source...

The Cult appeared and looked like they were scanning the area too!

The appearance of the Cult was closely followed by Mersky Banda's arrival. They immediately spotted the Cultists and started sniping at them from extreme range. Oldham Mumps, the Skinny-men's grenade launcher armed Heavy, opened fire and pinned down the closest group of Mersky Banda gangers, including their leader.

The Cult rushed forward, taking more fire from Mersky Banda and from each other! One of the Cultists shot his mate in the back by accident!

While to two gangs were focused on each other the Skinny-men rushed across the exposed bridge to the manufactorum.

Oldham Mumps continued dropping frag grenades on Mersky Banda.

While most of the Skinny-men prepared to make a rush for the cache.

Shaw Crompton sniped at the Cult.

The final stages of the battle were a blur of activity. The Cult leader charged Abraham Moss and floored him. Another Cultist grabbed some of the loot and ran. Abraham Moss took down a Cultist with a single shot but was injured by return fire. Newton Heath and Edge Lane both grabbed some ancient looking tech while under fire from the Cult and from Mersky Banda but the support fire from the other Skinny-men drove back both enemy gangs and the Skinny-men won the day and gain ed the lions share of the archeotech loot!


The Cult of the Divine Illumination: 1 Promethium cache
Merskey Banda: 1 Promethium cache
The Skinny-men: 3 Promethium cache
Abraham Moss gained Frenzy as a result of his injuries